Proven strategies and biblical wisdom to repair and restore your marriage

The couple that plays together stays together! Written by a relationship counselor, Celebrate Our Love Couples Journal is packed with activities, games, exercises, and inspiration to help you and your partner build intimacy―and have a good time doing it.

Finally, relationships are all FUN & GAMES!! Celebrate your LOVE with this book of PLAY!

Marriage in Christ holds strong when supported by the twin pillars of faith and action. Grounded in both scripture and proven therapeutic principles, Repairing Your Christian Marriage stands out among Christian marriage books with effective strategies and practical activities to bring you and your spouse together and restore your bond.

Begin rebuilding by examining your relationship dynamics and communication skills. Explore how you and your partner handle fights, intimacy, everyday teamwork, life challenges, and other fundamentals. This up-to-date choice in Christian marriage books offers concrete, actionable steps you can take toward healing based in both the Bible and therapeutic modalities.

Discover a practical approach that’s unique in Christian marriage books:

Communicate in love―Learn the essentials of healthy communication, including body language basics, conflict styles, and biblical communication principles.

Connect off the page―Gain fresh insight on feelings, faith, history, goals, patterns, and more with exercises you won’t find in other Christian marriage books.

Create real change―This book lays out practical strategies you can apply right away―on your own or together with your spouse.

About the Author

Patrice Bush is the Founder and CEO of It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching, where we turn Wedding VOWS into Wedding WOWS. It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching helps to strengthen families through Couples Coaching, Destination Marriage Retreats, Workshops, Support Groups and Speaking Engagements. It Takes 2, has served over 875 couples from 36 U.S. States. From 2014 – 2016 Patrice lead the dynamic radio show, Marriage Matters, with over 2 thousand listeners. Patrice is a powerful author and speaking from both academic and personal experience on relationships. Patrice is the author of Reconciling In Christ: Saving Your Christian Marriage Using Practical Strategies and Celebrate Our Love Couples Journal. She has appeared on FOX news, several radio shows across the country and she has been published in the Charlotte Parent magazine.

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Repairing Your Christian Marriage
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